How to eradicate weight in the form of surgery

eradicate weight in the form of surgery

All of us love junk food and you need to figure out that eating is easy. All of them accumulate in the form of fats that is going to pose a major problem in the days to come.

It is performed on people who are obese and traditional weight loss methods like diet or exercise have failed to churn the desired results. With an implanted medical device the size of the stomach is being reduced. When a failure is observed to lose weight with the traditional methods or the weight lost is gained then the method has proved out to be a major failure.  The problems associated with excess weight gain are indeed a major cause of concern and in the coming days the complexity of the problem is bound to increase. The chances of heart diseases and mortality rates shooting up are some of the concerns with excess weight.

To verify the facts this form of surgery is suggested for you if you tend to be morbidly obese. Most of the patients would have tried to slim down with exercise or weight, but the desired results would not have been obtained. Doctor is likely to figure out whether a patient is an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery. For example, if the doctor is not likely to comply with the pre surgery requirements, then the doctor would not recommend. To be a candidate for a weight loss surgery the body mass index needs to be more than 80 in case of women and when it is a man it has to be 100. Some other factors are also involved in determining whether you are a candidate for a surgery or not

  • Age- any form of weight loss surgery could be performed on patients who are between the ages of 18 to 60
  • Weight- if the weight is twice the normal weight as specified then you are a candidate for the same
  • Medical- no sort of medical conditions are responsible for the excess weight gain and this could be in the form of hormonal balances or any sort of existing medical condition
  • Commitment- there is a commitment on the part of the patient to change their habits and make necessary changes in the lifestyle not only in the present but also in the future as well
  • History- there is a history with a patient of gaining and losing weight. The trend is that you have been obese for the last 5 years and traditional weight loss methods have failed to churn in the desired results.
  • Addictions- You do not have any sort of addictions to alcohol or any form of drugs. This tends to compound the recovery process

Bariatric surgery for weight loss cost in India tends to be cost effective. This is taking into consideration that the quality of treatment stands in comparison to the best in the world. Coupled with the fact that the waiting lists in the hospitals is next to nil.


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